To win you must go into battle


How many times in your life have you decided to do something, did it for a few days and then stopped?  I have done this over and over.  It seems like this process has become a habit for me.  I know I need to break the habit but something is holding me back.

Back in July, I attended a national training event in Miami.  This particular training event is called Bootcamp.  The entire program is based on military type instruction and mindset.  The first instructor took the stage talked about going into battle.  He said, “People don’t have what they want because they are not willing to face and win the battle.  If we want to win, we have to go into the battle.”

What is battle?

The word means to participate in a hostile encounter, a fight between two people, or engagement between two military forces.  We all face battles every day.  Most of us just call them decisions rather than battles.  Think about it!  Part of you is telling yourself not to mow the grass today, but the other part of you is saying to just get it done so you can enjoy your weekend.  You are in a battle with yourself.  But most people just think they have to decide to mow the grass today or tomorrow.

Talk to People

Let’s break it down to something related to business.  You know that in order to grow your business you must make phone calls to prospects.  You must go out and talk to people.  Rule # 6 in our company, It says you must Talk To People!  This can be an internal battle every business owner must face.  They can decide to pick up the phone and make calls to prospects, or decide to go golfing and procrastinate making those calls.  Something that seems so easy to do is also easy not to do.

Ask for the Sale

What about the battle of asking someone to buy your product after your presentation?  There are a lot of people that present their business and never ask for the sale because they are afraid of being told no.  Asking for the sale should be the easiest part!  Just say, “Are you ready to get started with the product, the business, or both?”

Find your Strength

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  The key to winning at this is figuring out your strengths and your weaknesses.  Once you know, then you can move forward with your strengths and find others to help you with your weaknesses while you build that part of your skillset.  Don’t let your weaknesses keep you from going into battle and winning!

Knocked down, Get back up

You will face many battles along the way to success.  You will win some and lose some.  But when you get defeated, always pick yourself back up.  Take time to reflect on what happened, learn from your mistakes so that you will become a stronger fighter.  Then get back into the battle and grow your business.  There is a song by Audio Adrenaline called, “Get Down.  It simply says, “I get down, he lifts me up.”  When you get knocked down, Jesus is there to lift you back up.

Break that habit

Decide today that you will no longer stick to the habit of trying something out.  Decide today that the next time you have an idea, you will go into battle and fight like you have never fought before.   No matter what happens, remember to stick it through until you have won the battle.  The only way you lose is if you quit getting back up and getting back into battle.


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